Social Media Posts on 2019 LS Polls Won’t Invite Action From Govt

A notice issued via the NGO Crime Prevention Council of India is being shared on WhatsApp and ShareChat. The be aware claims that action may be taken against folks who share ballot campaign-related posts, pix, banners for the upcoming 2019 elections from the NGO’s criminal division.

Social Media Posts on 2019 LS Polls Won’t Invite Action From Govt 15

According to the awareness, “Any man or woman connected to social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, and different networks should not send posts, snapshots, banners, and so on. They are associated with the poll marketing campaign beforehand of the next polls of 2019,”.

‘Expect Action from EC’s Special Surveillance Team’
“Along with the notification for Lok Sabha elections, the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) has come into effect. Admin panels of groups on social media must tell contributors of their corporations and play the function of a responsible citizen,” the notice reads, adding that the individual determined to do so could be held responsible for any wrongdoing.

It also states that motion can be taken via the Election Commission’s district-level ‘Special Surveillance Team.’The word has been signed by way of NS Chandravanshi, beneath the designation of District Officer of the NGO.WebQoof obtained the notice on Facebook, WhatsApp, and ShareChat.

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