Practical Ways to Effectively Target Seniors

Older audiences are frequently removed from digital advertising awareness with their capacity business cost excluded based on obsolete assumptions and useless historical campaigns.

With a quarter of the seventy-five+ target audience using capsules, plus half of the 65-74-12 months-old adults having social media profiles, it’s time to rethink the senior populace and begin, which includes getting old audiences into your next advertising campaigns.

In this post, you’ll analyze:

Some of the commonplace misconceptions about the growing old advertising opportunity.
Real-international approaches to installation for boosting (and along with) the 60+ demographics into your digital advertising and marketing initiatives.

1. Senior Marketing Is More Than Just Influencer Targeting

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Yes, there are large volumes of influencer opportunities (son, daughter, the different circle of relatives members, expert buddies, nearby news, offline notion leaders) that gift a delivered layer of marketing capacity while looking at producing effects from senior campaigns.

The trouble that exists, but, it that the eye must not exclude and circulate far away from the meant 60+ aged individual, but enhance and help this recognition as a result of enhancement.

According to the modern-day Ofcom findings ‘Adults: Media use and attitudes record 2019‘:


96% use a cellular smartphone
43% watch on-demand / streamed content material
58% have a social media profile


ninety-two % use a cell cellphone
34% watch on-call for / streamed content
34% have a social media profile


eighty-one % use a cell phone
22% watch on-demand / streamed content
20% have a social media profile

What this tells us as marketers is that there’s direct access to older audiences through:

Mobile/SMS and Smartphone advertising.
Other growing target market developments together with video/YouTube and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

While the reliance on the cellular era reduces as audiences center age (primarily via increased tv use and reliance for the over 50/the 60s), the use of cell phones, drugs, and other generation remains high and growing each yr.

As entrepreneurs, this will increase advertising directly to the client (and prioritizing the stop individual over the influencer).

Practically talking means AMP content alternatives, cell first content mindsets, traditional cellular optimization, and associated movements are as effective for senior advertising as all other demographics.

2. Seniors Are More Loyal & Less Likely to Explore

Ofcom’s document additionally states that:

“The propensity to explore online decreases with age; 30% of internet users aged sixteen-24 say they have used masses of web sites or apps they’ve not used earlier than and this drops to ten% of these elderly 55+.”

For marketers, this will increase the need to be the first to educate, tell, and gift brands/content material/insights to the senior population first.

The brought incentive on offer is that ninety% of senior humans will hold you as their digital ‘go-to,’ imparting you assist them with their informational desires first.

As you would count on, there are numerous ways to reap this purpose, and a number of the ones I’ve seen handiest over time consist of:

Community sources and lifestyle hubs.
Location-based and nearby biased content.
Free equipment, tips, and advice.
Increased offline/online seamless person journeys.
Digital simplification and joining the dots higher between advertising channels.
Added discount awareness and cellphone calls to motion.
Increased remarketing on academic and informational content.

3. Experiences Matter Most

Interestingly, many contemporary seek developments and content material personalization, bespoke user journeys, and tailoring of person enjoy have a number of the most important potential effect and association to older audiences.

Older audiences tend to bear in mind customer support, non-public contact, and conventional communique in better esteem. Once they get hold of that feeling of personal care and call, they’re stimulated to percentage it and seek to copy it.

There are lots of procedures that can be included in your advertising and marketing campaigns to progress this, such as:

Bridging the distance between offline and online person trips. Keeping advertising messaging regular, smooth to digest, and easy for action taking
Using CTAs, which includes telephone, unmarried click moves, and even footfall drivers
Including more offline media and conventional marketing (the likes of catalogs, local papers, flyers, and bargain codes)
Making the benefits clear, plus the movement taking precise – the KISS principle (hold it simple, silly) should be stored in thoughts.

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