Blogging as a career

In India, pursuing a profession on the internet remains now not broadly prevalent or understood. Some may additionally even keep in mind it a lazy break out direction from everyday, mainstream jobs. But garnering an audience online, staying innovative and consistent, and being capable of making cash out of its far no baby’s play.

Guwahati-based Puspanjalee Das Dutta, who ends her job after the delivery of her son, says she desperately desired to do something for herself and keep herself occupied as a stay-at-domestic mom, and determined to begin blogging in 2011.
In 2016, Puspanjalee was recognized employing Google as one of the nice content creators on the internet and became part of the Google+ Create program. Today, Puspanjalee has over 30 million visitors throughout her blogs – My Writing, My World, and Foodie On The Road – and pursues running a blog complete-time.

In a Community Chat on the HerStory Women On A Mission Facebook group, Puspanjalee shared her expert insights on blogging and how to make a career out of it.

Edited excerpts from the chat:

HerStory: I have a couple of pastimes; however, how do I determine which topic of blogging approximately?

Puspanjalee Das Dutta: Write about everything you take care of. After some months, you’ll find which you are more relaxed in speakme approximately a selected hobby. The target market equally cherishes this. That’s your topic or niche for the weblog – a subject that you love to talk about and your target audience is looking forward to studying.

HS: How tons of time do I need to spend on blogging if I take it up as a career? Can I do that on the side of my daily process?

PDD: It depends on what segment you are at on your running a blog adventure. Some may want to spend 5-7 hours a day while a few can also offer 2-four hours. I individually spend 5-6 hours on weekdays. And sure, blogging may be finished as a aspect hustle in conjunction with daily activity.

HS: How do I keep to remain stimulated when the first few blog posts do not receive a good deal effective response?

PDD: I soon stopped running a blog because of loss of response; however, it ultimately turned into my love for writing that won.

The first blog posts are continually hard. Nobody is aware of you, and no one cares what you are doing. In such instances, be active on social media, proportion your blog links, however most significantly, talk to other bloggers. Read different humans’ blogs and percentage them on social media; the bloggers constantly reciprocate.

Blogging is likewise now not pretty much you. It’s approximately what your target audience wants as properly. If you love to create content that allows humans, you keep doing it. Being steady is one of the things that make for achievement within the blogging international. Networking is any other key to a successful weblog.

HS: I want to start a blog approximately fashion, but I’m not a creator. How do I move approximately this?

PDD: You do now not need to be a creator to be a blogger. You can begin via writing short snippets with pictorial commands as your weblog submit. If you’re relaxed with digicam, start video running a blog. However, not just tutorials communicate approximately topics like how to be elegant on a price range, regular style, and at ease garb.

I strongly endorse that you begin writing in short snippets, and once you know what’s operating for you and your favored target market, choose the better format.

HS: Can one begin being profitable from day one with running a blog, or does it appear over the years? How does one convert writing right into a cash-making mission?


If you have commenced a weblog simply because every different character is a blogger, and you no longer have a plan, you may in no way earn a single penny. If you blog with a cause and feature discovered some things like associate marketing, then yes, you can earn cash from the primary day itself. Making money from a blog is business. And like any other commercial enterprise, it needs paintings, practice, and consistency.3.) Inspiring Others: Blogging has made it viable for people to inspire one another, notwithstanding the reality that they’ve never met every other: people proportion issues and support one another. For example, here’s a quote I came across that made me realize how running a blog has made it possible for someone to get support from people, “I changed into having problems with depression and tension disorder, and it felt like no longer blogging approximately it was creating a fake history. When I did, in the end, share the issues I become having, I was shocked -no longer handiest with the aid of the assist that turned into given to me, however additionally through the brilliant quantity of individuals who admitted they struggled with the equal issue.”- Jenny Lawson.

In reality, I inspire more youths to start blogging if you want to inspire other youths who face diverse challenges together with beginning a business, jogging a business, advancing a career, unemployment, overcoming substance abuse, etc.

4.) Making Money Online: Start running a blog to earn some money online if you haven’t determined your dream task. There are many possibilities online that you may use your weblog to make money. You can begin running a blog for cash by being hired as a blogger. You can use your weblog to do affiliate advertising or use your blog to sell products to human beings online.

The opportunities to make cash online from a weblog are simply many. It is upon you to decide on how you will make cash online blogging.

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