Woodstock smoke save owner backtracks on anti-police social media publish

A local commercial enterprise owner stated he’s sorry for posting a crude declaration on Facebook approximately the funeral procession of fallen McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Keltner.

Quincy Hagerty, owner of Many Clouds Smoke Shop at 1672 S. Eastwood Drive in Woodstock, angry at many neighborhood residents after he posted, “PIG PARADE ON 47, keep away from at ALL cost!!” on his private Facebook page. The message was posted Wednesday, the same day, because the funeral procession for Keltner covered pig and feces emojis.

Woodstock smoke save owner backtracks on anti-police social media publish 15

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Had he used the phrase police as opposed to pig, it would be a popular query. A few are becoming too worked up over a phrase in place of that means of the question regarding taxpayer monies being spent. A lot here calling him a fool and other phrases that come proper out of the fourth-grade playground. When pennies rely on, which tax greenbacks at this point are scratching for, I marvel what the cost become as correctly. Much respect to the murdered officer, now not the difficulty, so please, if you retort, live on the subject right here. And to say, whatever it expenses… This is fourth grade as well.

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