Twitter testing ‘subscribe to conversation’ characteristic that notifies customers on every occasion a tweet is introduced

SAN FRANCISCO: Micro-running a blog website Twitter is trying out a “subscribe to verbal exchange” function that could notify users each time a tweet is introduced to the verbal exchange, which will preserve up with it, without really becoming a part of the thread. The prototype function that comes as a bell icon above conversation threads changed into spotted via reverse engineer Jane Manchun within the app’s Android version.

“This is a part of our paintings to make Twitter extra conversational,” the micro-running a blog site s.
“Because of this ‘enroll in conversation’ function, users could now not need to love or remark in a thread to obtain updates, and this can upload a bit of anonymity,” Engadget mentioned.

Twitter testing 'subscribe to conversation' characteristic that notifies customers on every occasion a tweet is introduced 15

Although there was no indication if or while Twitter will deploy the alternate platform-wide Earlier this week, Los Angeles.

SAN FRANCISCO: Google has recently filed a patent which shows that the search-engine giant may be interested in a “Z-fold” display technology that would bend in exceptional places without breaking.

The patent does not point out the word “telephone” even as soon as instead, it refers to how the display will be used by “cutting-edge computing gadgets,” which could talk to tablets or laptops, The Verge stated on Thursday. The search engine massive’s interest in foldable smartphones is being.

Hence it’s also probable that Google licenses the foldable screen out to a third celebration in place of producing it with the aid of itself. “Like Apple with its iPhones, Google reportedly outsources the manufacturing of the Pixel three to Foxconn, and both HTC and LG shared production obligations at the Pixel 2 phones,” the report said.

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