Top 30 App Store search engine marketing Tips To Boost App Downloads

There are such many apps out there within the App Store, which means there are thousands or even more apps much like yours? So, what makes your app stand out? How can you be making humans download your app?

Do that there is around sixty-five percent of App Store users who’re relying on App shop search results for relevant downloads?

Did you recognize that Apple is paying developers a whopping $10 billion?

Well, if your app is not getting excessive ranks in the App Shop, it indeed manner you are dropping your hands on a whole lot of cash. Like search engine optimization for websites, it can gain app ranking at the App keep nice. App Store Optimization plays an essential role in the achievement of mobile apps. If you’re making plans to release a brand new app, then you can honestly improve the ranking with the aid of increasing the download.

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In reality, in 2008, Apple launched 500 apps; one year later, there have been five 000 apps available. And now there are around 2 million apps to be had in the App shop. According to Forrester, 63 percent of iOS are located through searches. The App shop sees 500 million traffic every week, so is your app being visible by those visitors. This is why you need App Store Optimization to make your app greater searchable to the target market.

Before going further, let’s recognize approximately App Store Search Engine Optimization.

What is App Store Search Engine Optimization?

App Store search engine marketing is mostly a chain of techniques that you use to optimize apps within the app save for you to increase ranking and consequently get better downloads. The rights App Store Optimization can be beneficial for the growing presence of app at the App Store.

Now, allow’s to look at steps that can assist in getting you a higher ranking and enhance search outcomes. Let’s see how?

How to Get Your App Ranked on App Store

1. App name/identify

Out of all of the key phrases which might be filled in your app, the key phrases inside the name are given extreme importance via Apple. In reality, the apps that encompass keywords within the identity have 10.Three percent greater possibilities of ranking better. So, it is crucial to feature critical phrases in the title. It is essential to use relevant keywords and create an engaging title. Keep your title limit to 30 characters.

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