Social media as battleground

LONDON, March 13 (Reuters) – Social media systems have supercharged battles over medical proof on more than a few troubles, which includes:

Climate Change

A United Nations panel of weather scientists says it’s miles at least 95 percent sure that human activity is the dominant motive of weather change because of the mid-20th century. Climate skeptics project that consensus each day on social media, arguing that fluctuations in global temperatures have occurred in the previous generation and are herbal occasions.

Social media


The World Health Organization has now ranked “vaccine hesitancy” as considered one of 2019’s top 10 global health threats. Outbreaks of measles, as an instance – which had been all but wiped out in many wealthy nations thanks to the advent of preventative vaccines – are now turning into extra not unusual again. Anti-vaccine agencies use social media to gasoline doubts about vaccines, often citing concerns approximately side outcomes or recycling lengthy-debunked suggestions approximately hyperlinks to autism.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown genetically modified meals to be safe to devour, and GM crops are widely grown the world over, consisting of in the United States. Supporters say GM vegetation can help feed a growing global populace with inexpensive, more magnificent plentiful meals. But warring parties accept as true with they’re risky and say tampering with crops’ genes could have unknown destiny influences.

(reporting by using Kate Kelland; modifying with the aid of Janet McBride and John Blanton)

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