Upcoming ‘Sniper Elite’ VR Game Likely Headed to PSVR With Aim Support

Yesterday Rebellion Developments, the studio in the back of the Sniper Elite series, introduced that a Sniper Elite VR game improves partnership with studio Just Add Water. Details have been saved to a minimum, with a complete announcement planned for later this 12 months, but a short glimpse of the game suggests that it’s possibly headed to PSVR with Aim aid; help for other headsets and structures is unclear, right? Now.

Sniper Elite

Rebellion dropped a group of Sniper Elite news the day past, confirming that the studio is growing Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, Sniper Elite three Ultimate Edition for Switch, and the “next important title within the Sniper Elite collection,” as well as “a brand new, standalone Sniper Elite game for VR devices.”

Almost no info on the game had been given—besides that, it will be set inside the same Mediterranean struggle as Sniper Elite 4—even falling brief of announcing which headsets or systems the sport will support.

Though “a complete repeal” of the sport is promised to come later this 12 months, a very brief clip of the game was shared in the studio’s statement video, which confirmed it being performed on a PSVR headset and with a PS Aim controller:

That’s top-notch information for PSVR enthusiasts who very own the Aim controller accessory; the lauded tool isn’t correctly widely supported but tends to be an immersion booster for video games that employ it, like Farpoint (2017) and Firewall: Zero Hour (2018).

Of path, this quick clip isn’t a assurance that Aim aid might be covered; the studios should still be prototyping, and matters may want to alternate. But for a sport that specializes in -surpassed rifles, Aim positive appears to make some feel thinking about how it couples each hand together, which will increase aiming stability (critical for excessive zoom optics).

So it seems possible that the Sniper Elite VR game is headed to PSVR with Aim support; however, now we’re curious to realize if it’ll be an exception on that headset or come to different systems too. In the past, Rebellion launched Battlezone as a PSVR one of a kind in 2016 and subsequently added it to PC VR headsets in 2017. Arca’s Path (2018), the studio’s modern-day VR launch, debuted simultaneously on maximum foremost headsets.

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