Moving personal domestic assist back to gov’t care shouldn’t suggest process losses: B.C. Seniors propose

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Your loved one’s care has to suffer now not. That’s what we’re listening to from the province’s watchdog for seniors about plans to transport some privatized domestic assist services again beneath authorities’ care.

Moving personal domestic assist back to gov't care shouldn't suggest process losses: B.C. Seniors propose 15

Isobel Mackenzie doesn’t consider any jobs will be misplaced. She’s expecting more jobs to be created, as she works to ensure the transition slated to happen subsequent 12 months is easy for a gadget she’s referred to as “fragmented.”

“Saying there’s going to be 500 jobs misplaced — There’s no proof of that, and it has now not been my experience as someone who’s been through four transitions. Each one among them, there has been no task loss,” she stated.

“There isn’t any process loss. They all transfer to whoever is providing the service. How we pass things ahead and greater combine them over time, sure, the potential is there, and I’ll be monitoring and measuring whether or not it’s completed or now not.”

Mackenzie says she is familiar with why some non-public operators are worried that most contracts are up for renegotiation next 12 months. “Commercial hobbies are upset, however, don’t cloud that with different issues which can be going to purpose employees situation or clients challenge.”

Her reaction comes as Daniel Fontaine with the BC Care Providers Association insists these adjustments might be disruptive. “Not just supervisor — it’s administrative assistants, it’s all the people, the schedulers … as you may admire, while a care aide comes to your home, in case you’re a senior, there’s an entire team that works behind them,” he said.

“What’s even greater regarding, understanding that they’re in all likelihood going to lose their jobs, a number of them will begin seeking out work right now.”

He calls this the “largest agreement flip within the records of B.C.”

“The prices for the onboarding of that, all of that have to had been taken into consideration.”

No jobs might be lost.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Adrian Dix is presenting assurances no jobs can be misplaced, noting the concern is to enhance take care of B.C.’s aging population. “People need to stay at domestic as long as viable,” he adds. “There is a specific plan to improve care. We’re enhancing respite care properly now, growing the number of adult day care programs. All of these things are linked. Most folks who get home guides need different primary care offerings. We’re hoping to supply them higher.”

He’s also suggesting worries raised with the aid of the BC Care Providers Association are unfounded because investment has been committed to hiring even extra care aides and support groups of workers.

“Some of those are ten-12 months contracts. They’ve known the contract was going to expire on March 31st, 2020. He says money has also been devoted with the aid of the province and Ottawa to help greater people stay off their houses so long as feasible.

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