Google: IP Addresses Don’t Matter For Backlinks & Search Rankings


Google’s John Mueller replied “nope” while requested if IP addresses count number for one-way links and search scores. Like does it matter if a number of your links in your US web site come from Australia? Stuff like that.

John spoke back this on Twitter while asked “does the IP cope with vicinity make any difference in ratings for a site? I even have a website for a US-based corporation, and the IP is in Utah, but some services online show it from Australia. Is it a hassle for a US service to have a website “in” Australia?” Then any other search engine marketing said sure, “But I consider IPs do matter when it comes to your inbound link profile.” John genuinely answered “nope.”

Many SEO accepts as right with IP c-blocks be counted while doing search engine marketing and linking. But Google has been downplaying the importance of IP addresses for years and years.
I think IP addresses do matter. I was doing my small enterprise linking myself (glaringly from my personal PC best) and not anything become enhancing; I turned into thinking my approach is terrible. Later on, I contacted Searchberg, and they told me they had an assist and it seems the difficulty changed into the IP (my IP) that I turned into constructing hyperlinks with. Their expertise helped me out I’m doing desirable nowadays.

Right, John! And thank you Google A internet site server location can be everywhere in India. But are you able to please inform me as I am a user and feature dental exercise in London, from same offerings issuer and other 10 – 20 competitors additionally have the same, but the one’s agencies are not mine however same server address. But I have seen ranking fall. This seems incorrect to the clients and the service issuer what do you watch John and blogger.