Friday Cat Blogging – 5 July 2019


My mother and father each went to USC, so evidently, I’ve been a USC fan all my lifestyles. But I wonder if I have to alternate loyalties? When I become roaming around the UCLA campus remaining weekend I located that there’s a UCLA cat. He seemingly belongs to the Department of World Arts and Culture, which presents him with a food bowl and a be aware to delight not overfeed the cat. Perhaps one in every one of my readers takes place to recognize someone who is aware of a person who knows the cat’s name?

Anyway, it becomes a totally calm and pleasant cat, and it really says suitable things approximately UCLA that they have a little mascot like this around. Does USC have a cat?

UPDATE: Apparently this cat used to hang around on the Powell Library and is called Powell Cat. Fan membership is right here. But why did his loyalties alternate to the World Arts constructing?

And for you dog enthusiasts, I even have a UCLA dog. This guy had just finished doing his enterprise on the lawn, and as you can see, he becomes quite thrilled with himself. I photoshopped out his leash in an effort to provide the phantasm of total freedom for this exceptional-looking canine.

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