Brush up your millingo: Get up to date on those quirky phrases from the millennial vocabulary

It takes some attempt to preserve up with the dopest era of our times — the millennials, even though I wish one understood what they had been pronouncing! If the brand new-age lexicon has had you shook, TBH, you’re in the proper vicinity, and we recognize the war is real. Here’s the perf manual, too, to have you ever blanketed Hundo P!

Brush up your millingo: Get up to date on those quirky phrases from the millennial vocabulary 15


Get your thoughts out of the gutter! Milk is used for anybody in want of help or self-improvement. For, e.g., What’s with the ones ugly clothes she wears all the time? She needs some milk ASAP!


A friend with benefits. E.g., I’m bringing my… Um…Dinner friend, desire you don’t want thoughts.


Means subsequent degree primary. For instance, Oh! Are you nevertheless the use of an Android telephone? How usual!


A millennial who’s single.


When you’re overwhelmed with something, you may quite a whole lot die. For instance, this four-cheese pizza is so appropriate… I’m lifeless!


The short form for emotions. Sample this, OMG! I’m starting to have feelings for my pal with advantages.


Meaning too much, used to refer to someone who’s OTT (over the top). For, e.g., Why do you continually have to be so extra?


It’s nothing to do with rent but instead a code-word and an abbreviation for dad and mom. For, e.g., umm… Can we talk approximately this later? I have rents across the corner.’

Wig snatched

Exposing someone to reveal the fact. For, e.g., while the time is proper, I’ll wig snatch that douchebag boyfriend of hers to anybody inside the group.


It’s combining sure and yup into one word. For example, while a person asks you, ‘Can we grasp a few lunches before the film? I’m ravenous.’ And you assert, ‘Chuh!’


As if wassup wasn’t short sufficient, this is an extra quick model of what’s up. Mostly used while texting.


This has not nothing to do with flatulence. It refers to someone complete of oneself. For, e.g., OK, so that you’re going abroad in your summertime vacation. No want to get so gassed up.

Glow up

It refers to a person who has all of a sudden end up more attractive. For, e.g., Wow! She’s glowed merely up considering that her university days.


This slang is a planned misspelling of ‘recognize,’ which means respect. The foundation may be credited to American rapper Birdman, who proclaims admire without the ‘t.’


To describe something that small and lovable at an equal time. For, e.g., Look at that small domestic dog. I want to hug him so tight!


To brag, show off. For, e.g., I don’t mean to flex; however, test out my new designer watch.

Snap Trap

This a tactic used to discover what you’re SO (enormous other) is up to. For, e.g., if you’ve sent messages and your bae doesn’t respond, then you definitely Snapchat, and if he/she opens it, then they fall into your snap trap.

Side hustle

Refers to something one does in spare time to earn cash, besides a complete-time process. For, e.g., Why don’t you’re taking up running a blog as your facet hustle to make a few more doughs?


Someone who has an inflated sense of the area of expertise, entitlement is overemotional or effortlessly offended. For, e.g., Aww… Was your nail given chipped? Quit being a snowflake, now!


Young, cocky programmers/IT men who are loaded with cash and hot date models. If you’re not too bonked or exhausted already, we supposed most cooling with dopest, shook is careworn, TBH stands for honesty, the conflict is real denotes that we get your hassle and Hundo P is hundred in step with a cent!


Pregaming entails having beverages before attending an occasion like a tune concert.

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