Bchpls.Io Platform and a Telegram Tip Bot Now Support SLP Tokens

Over the previous few weeks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) lovers have been developing and sharing a gaggle of customized Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. There’s now a Telegram tip bot, a Twitter tip bot, Badger pockets brand integration, and an SLP token guide on the feed platform Bchpls.Io.

Sharing Spice Tokens on Telegram and Twitter

At the give-up of February, news.Bitcoin.Com mentioned BCH token improvement kicking into excessive gear, and the pace hasn’t stopped because. People were growing unique tokens using the SLP software program with names like dragon ball, steam coins, nazgûl, wonton, crown coin, and a person’s made tokens for about 20 most famous cryptocurrency networks as well. BCH proponents have additionally participated in a standard test and ‘torch passing’ rite that used a single non-divisible token known as the SLP Torch.

More lately, however, BCH developers have created a Telegram tipping bot that can tip SLP tokens to users in the hosted channel. The cryptocurrency information outlet Coinspice and its related Telegram channel carried out the tipping bot so humans can tip one another in spice tokens. The consumer sincerely @’s the Telegram bot known as ‘Spicetokens’ and gives them a command to tip a person some tokens. Scrolling via the Coinspice channel of 397 members suggests the Spicetokens bot could be very energetic. The bot is likewise to be had on Twitter, and a few users were sharing spice tokens across some Twitter threads.

On March 14, Badger pockets developer Gabriel Cardona defined that the latest Badger model has been released, and version zero.4.2 has integrated reputable token icons for positive tokens like spice, wonton, and the SLP Torch. Cardona is particular that if someone has created a symbol or a provider that has implemented the Badger Button, they could contact him and submit a brand.

The pockets builders have also introduced Eatbch Venezuela and Eatbch South Sudan icons to the consumer. Any time a consumer donates funds to those correct addresses, they will see the Eatbch trademarks in the wallet’s transaction log.

In May of 2018, information.Bitcoin.Com reported at the point-of-sale (PoS) provider Bchpls.Io, which permits brick n’ mortar and online traders to accept BCH in a noncustodial style. The software is loose, and there are no servers needed as all it takes is a web connection and gadgets (cashier and purchaser) to make use of the Bchpls system. On March thirteen, the Bchpls developer announced the platform now supports SLP tokens and launched a video demonstration of the feature in movement.

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