Bakersfield Realtors Association website hosting Cork and Craft

The Bakersfield Realtors Association is hosting Cork and Craft on Thursday, March 21. Cork and Craft will be a night to advantage Campout Against Cancer & Relay for Life. From 5:30 p.M. To eight:30 p.M. Visitors can enjoy a stay auction, wine, craft beer, food tastings and extra. For tickets and more records, go to eventbrite.Com.

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Her office might also never know how normally Texans are human trafficked; however, calls into the National Human Trafficking Hotline can deliver snapshots. In 2017, Texas had 2,459 calls. Most calls came from the Houston place, then San Antonio, then Dallas, then Austin, then Fort Worth.

During March CBS 42 is celebrating Women’s History Month using spotlighting ladies across Alabama who’ve or are making a prime impact. Tuscaloosa Police officer Lillie Leatherwood is creating a distinction in her community.
The Arvin High School girls soccer group made records this 12 months, prevailing the first valley name for a women sports activities program at the school. Now the group wishes the community’s aid to shop for championship jewelry to commemorate the milestone.

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