Editiorial: A danger to L.I.’s economic system

In May, the state Department of Environmental Conservation rejected a water fine certification sought with the aid of National Grid. This is needed for the utility to construct a 24-mile subsea gasoline pipeline from the New Jersey shore to a terminus off the coast of the Rockaways.

The DEC said National Grid’s plan for constructing the $1 billion Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline might likely cause water-first-class violations through stirring up sediments and other contaminants, together with mercury and copper. National Grid spoke back with the aid of halting the processing of programs for herbal gas hookups for all levels of customers – residential, small commercial enterprise, and big tendencies.

Want to interchange to a fuel stove in your home? Can’t do it.

economic system

Opening a restaurant the use of gas warmth? Forget about it?

Building a subdivision using gas warmth? Not these days. That’s the message that National Grid has despatched to its 1.8 million customers across Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Stephen Wangel, president of the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce, informed last week of a commercial enterprise proprietor who made a sizeable investment in a new restaurant; however, he now cannot open because he “can’t reap herbal gasoline service to gasoline his cooking gadget.”

Kyle Strober, government director of the Association for a Better Long Island, stated the rejection of National Grid’s software is threatening future financial improvement initiatives, consisting of the proposed New York Islanders area at Belmont Park Nassau Hub in Uniondale, consistent with the Long Island Business News.

National Grid contends the halt in accepting new programs is wanted because its current pipeline infrastructure is at capability. National Grid and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, the venture developer, said they considered the DEC rejection a “technical trouble” and had resubmitted the software. National Grid stated it expects the undertaking to be in service by way of the wintry weather of 2020-21.

This increases numerous questions. Did National Grid actually need to halt accepting programs in May if the paintings would not be completed, as they accept as true with, until someday in 2021 – greater than a yr and a half from now?

Or changed into this a political pass through National Grid which will pressure the DEC to difficulty an environmental approval – irrespective of whether it meets kingdom standards?

Environmentalists and other fighters have accused National Grid of fabricating the shortage to tie the place to fossil fuels.

Does National Grid’s reaction mean that if the undertaking does get authorized? Still, construction problems purpose it to be behind schedule beyond 2021 that the application runs out of capability once more?

These are questions that the state Public Service Commission has to be asking the National Grid. No utility needs to be approved to threaten groups for political motives.

And it’s no longer as if utilities have earned our undying trust. Does everybody recollect LIPA and what they said before Superstorm Sandy?

But there are also questions of policy and politics that want to be asked of the country and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

DEC’s rejection of the Williams pipeline is a part of a sample of the kingdom denying pipeline projects on environmental grounds over the last numerous years. And Cuomo has stated he desires utilitiesandh National Grid to invest greater in renewable strength and electricity efficiencythanf fossil-fired tasks.

In March, Con Edison imposed a moratorium on new fuel clients in Westchester due to an absence of the latest pipelines.

Cuomo said in May that the DEC’s decision might be primarily based “on the merits and the facts,” in step with a tale in Newsday. “I instructed them [the regulators] to decide the facts and no longer on the politics, and that’s what they’re going to do. They will make a choice. I am not worried about the decision.”

That is probably actual. On the alternative hand, leaving choices to different humans has by no means been Cuomo’s sturdy fit, and robust political currents are moving each approach, mainly after the governor touted the Green Act recently authorized through the kingdom Legislature.

So perhaps. Maybe not. Then there may be the question of whether or not the pipelines are in reality wanted at all. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer called the DEC’s selection “a main victory in our efforts to supply the green and greater sustainable destiny our children and our kids’ kids deserve,” according to a tale in Newsday. We, too, help a greater green and greater sustainable future. But we would like to get there without harming the economic system of the existing.

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